Include Halo Top in the F45 8-week Challenge Meal Plan

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The 21st F45 8 Week Challenge started globally on 4 February. For those of us who are following the meal plan, this means we are deprived of one of the most important food groups - Halo Top. Such long exposure to a Halo Topless world can lead to symptoms such as withdrawals, deficiency of Vitamin HT and in serious cases, death.

Halo Top prides itself on its ability to deliver a high protein, low calorie alternative to traditional ice cream. It’s the perfect no-guilt tasty treat to enjoy... except when it’s not on the meal plan.

We need nutritionists, trainers and F45 junkies around the world to unite and convince Rob Deutsch (F45 Founder) to make a change that matters.

By signing this petition you will help thousands, if not millions of people feel on (Halo) Top of the world.