Belmarsh Prison - Give Julian Assange His Mail!

Belmarsh Prison - Give Julian Assange His Mail!

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Ariyana Love started this petition to rob davis

Belmarsh Prison Governor Rob Davis, 

Give Julian Assange his Mail!

Julian Assange is currently detained in Belmarsh prison on remand whilst the US attempts to extradite him for the act of publishing with Wikileaks and exposing US war crimes. It has become clear that HMP Belmarsh Prison is arbitrarily and capriciously withholding and delaying Julian Assange’s mail. 

Julian has stated in a letter that his mail has been withheld for three months. Courage Foundation reported that Julian’s mail has been withheld. John Shipton, stated that his sons mail is being thrown out if it doesn’t include Julian’s prison number, despite prison rules stating Date of Birth is an acceptable alternative. 

The withholding of Julian’s mail is a form of institutional cruelty designed to further his sense of isolation and to cut him off from friends, family and his many supporters around the world. This can only worsen the obvious psychological stress that Julian is suffering. This stress is visibly and dramatically affecting Julian's mental, emotional & physical health leading to grave fears for his mortality.

However, the failure to deliver his mail is also materially obstructing Julian's ability to understand and participate in his own defence. 

The only way Julian can access material from his lawyers is via the mail because Belmarsh forbids visitors from taking in any material to give him. 

On October 21st in court, Mark Summers, Julian’s lawyer, requested a delay in the extradition hearing, partly due to ongoing problems arising from Julian not getting his mail in Belmarsh. Julian only received the legal documents related to that hearing one week before they commenced. 

Wikileaks stated in a press release on October 21st that at Belmarsh Prison, Julian “ is kept in isolation without access to legal papers, a computer or meaningful participation in his case. These conditions obstruct his legal defence in a significant way.”

As the Governor of Belmarsh Prison these abuses of Julian’s rights are being undertaken at your command and at your discretion. They stand in stark contrast to the extra-privileges given to Tommy Robbinson during his recent imprisonment at Belmarsh. This reveals that the decision to deny Julian his mail is yet another example of the political persecution he is experiencing in UK custody. 

Julian Assange is a Political Prisoner who must have his rights respected. This cruel violation of Julian's human and prisoner rights is being noted and condemned around the world. We demand that Belmarsh prison no longer withhold any of Julian’s mail at any time!  

This petition will be delivered in person, during the Free Julian Assange protest at Belmarsh Prison, November 9th. 

- Assange drawing by Daniel Fooks @DanielFooksArt

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
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