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Stop the proposed housing development ,at Brierley Forest Park,Huthwaite,Notts.

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Building new homes in green spaces ,when there are more suitable brown field sites available elsewhere locally is a no brainer ,( it makes about as much sense as building on floodplains). Yet despite this Ashfield District Council would like David Wilson Homes to go ahead with such a building project that’s, close to Brierley Forest Park.


The land in question, which backs onto existing houses at North Street and Ashland’s Road, is adjacent to Brierley Forest Park. The importance and value of this land for wildlife cannot be overstated. Three bat species use the site to feed –at least one of these bat species roost nearby .Birds of Prey such as Kestrels, hunt mice and voles on this land during the day, at night Barn Owls use the same land to hunt the same rodents. Kestrels are in decline nationally .Buzzards, who nest nearby, use the site to feed on insects and rabbits. Foxes are frequently seen, part of their territory includes the proposed building site. Skylarks breed on Rooley Tops that is situated almost opposite, this species is also in decline and subject of a Biodiversity Action Plan in Nottinghamshire and neighbouring Derbyshire. Badgers and Grass snakes can be found in the park opposite ,as can frogs and toads butteflies,damselflies,dragonflies,it’s unknown at present whether they use the land in question.Do hedgehogs use the land as a corridor? Do Squirrels use land to cache food?This list of animals that depend on the area for their survival is by no means exhaustive, they are just illustrative examples.


Before any building work can commence, a comprehensive survey must be undertaken as a legal requirement .The purpose of this survey, would be to ascertain exactly which wildlife species are present on site –from invertebrates to mammals and would be adversely affected by the loss of their habitat as a direct result of these new houses being built.


A  recent precedent in Derbyshire ,where building work was stopped because the local council had neglected to carry out a wildlife survey ,illustrates the importance of ensuring that you have “got it right” before proceeding to build! Such surveys can be expensive and time consuming, there are many cases of builders pulling out of such proposals, where bat roosts for example have thrown a proverbial spanner into the works.




This, is quoted from a local resident ,who would be directly affected were the proposed housing development to go ahead.


Proposed residential development on green belt land ,north of Ashland Road West-and why this should not take place.


1.The proposal to pump sewage etc into existing drains on Ashland Road from a from a development of 201 homes, rising to 271 homes. The drains are not able to take this amount of sewage. Residents on & off Ashland Road are already complaining of flooding and seepage of effluence from these drains. It would require the existing drains to be excavated and much larger drains to replace those in situ now at a huge cost and inconvenience.


2.Top water drains onto the field from a very steep bank south of the field. Plus a drainage ditch to the south and west of the field that was dug out by Italian Prisoners of War (circa 1940) not only carries water from the afore mentioned bank but also from housing on North Street, Huthwaite.


3.The owners of this field have made three applications to build on this land –all of which have been refused. Also approximately five years ago this field was inspected by Council employees for suitability for development under the governments ten year plan for future housing .It was rejected as being unfit for purpose.


4.The amount of traffic into Ashfield Road from this type of development ,would be absolutely huge ie: 271 houses would be not less than 271 cars pouring onto Ashfield Road –a road not fit to take this amount of traffic ,bearing in mind the large amount of housing traffic on the south side.


5.Children in the Ashfield area: many are forced to travel long distances for school places. Ashfield is at saturation point now for Schools, Doctors surgeries and Kingsmill Hospital, with a possible influx of 2,000 to 3,000 people and taking account the demolition of the old CWS factory in North street and the potential development of 85 dwellings on that land, Ashfield will be in dire straits.


To build on this valley on a greenfield site merging into Brierley Forest Park, would be calamitous for this area and the residents. This proposed evil black area in our community should not be allowed under any circumstances. Instead of which ,the field should be purchased at the agricultural price forthwith  and annexed to the thriving Brierley Forest Park.


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