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Upgrade The Dog on the Tuckerbox Hume Highway intersection

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The Dog On the Tuckerbox Hume Highway crossing has seen multiple deaths and countless serious accidents at this intersection since the bypass, which did nothing to address the dangers of this perilous multiple crossing.

It is on the main travel route between Sydney and Melbourne and a huge volume of people traverse it every day. Many of you reading this may have been to visit the Dog on the Tuckerbox at one time or another and knowingly or not run the gauntlet to cross our major highway. People should not have to risk their lives just to get across a road.

Is there a magic number of lives to be lost before action is taken? 

I sincerely hope not. We need action to be taken now.  A safe overpass and off-ramp or changed design that will actually address the issues should be considered an urgent priority of the RMS. 

 I encourage you all to write to Melinda Pavey and the RMS you can use the form links below asking them to put the public's safety first.


Below is a letter written previously to the Hon Duncan Gay who was the Minister for the Roads and Maritime Service and similar to one sent directly to the RMS.  I now direct it to the Hon Melinda Pavey Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Services.

Dear Ms Pavey,

I am writing to ask you to please take action to rectify extremely unsafe Dog on the Tuckerbox Hume Hwy intersection. Yesterday there was yet another serious accident on the Hume Hwy at the Dog on the Tuckerbox near Gundagai. One woman was airlifted to Sydney in a critical condition and one man in Wagga with injuries. . I have attached a picture of the scene in case you are not familiar with where it is, you have probably travelled passed by there yourself.

 We have seen too many serious accidents at this intersection as I am sure the police and SES can attest to. I have witnessed two serious accidents there and had several near misses. I had written to the RMS some time ago asking them to address this dangerous intersection. I was told then that the intersection met all the safety requirements at the time. I hope the standards are still not set so low?

Anyone who works there will tell you just how dangerous it is and how many times they have nearly become a statistic. Many local people are aware of the hazards as they drop off and set down their children who work at the many fast food outlets at the Five Mile, many of them are also acutely aware of the danger their children are in when they start driving themselves to work on this hazardous road. Many of the other thousands who travel this part of the highway have no idea how dangerous it is until it is too late.

I am sure you apply due diligence and are aware of your duty of care to the public but I feel I must draw your personal attention to the extraordinarily high volume of vehicles using the intersection and the real dangers arising from this with the below -

a) The traffic flow is too much for the road at peak times with cars trying to turn in from the northbound lane often backed up 20 vehicles deep and blocking the left hand lane of the busy highway. This is exacerbated by the position of the Shell Service Station entry way.

b) Vision to the right is acutely obscured by northbound vehicles when crossing from Annie Pyers drive into the South Bound lane with northbound vehicles

c) Traffic travelling from the southbound lane crossing the northbound lane into Annie Pyers Drive have also been known to back up onto the highway as they wait for Northbound traffic to turn in.

You would only need to speak with our emergency services men and woman who have attended the calls at this intersection to understand the urgency, this is not just a 60, 80 or even 100km road, it is a 110km federal highway and the consequences of having it so wrong are taking their toll. I am sure you would not like to be the one to tell a family that their son, daughter or other loved one will not be coming home? Are there a certain number of dead bodies we must submit before action is taken?

With the very busy Christmas holiday period just around the corner the Dog on the Tuckerbox Hume Hwy intersection is now a matter of utmost urgency. People should not have to risk their lives every day just to get across a highway to or from work or indeed just to travel past it.

Please, I implore you before the next person dies - make this highway crossing safe.

Yours Sincerely

Cindy Smith


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