Dangers of Cattle on the streets of Goa

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There are cattle all over the Roads of Goa which pose a real danger to human life and also pain and injury to the animals. I am lying in Bed after an accident last night where I was returning from Anjuna on the Anjuna - Siolim road and never seen the Buffalo or Bull, standing across the road at night. I rammed into it with my scooty and fell across the road with a fracture on my right shoulder concussion on my right hip and scrapes and bruises on my arms and legs. The animal was dark in color  and with the 'high beams' and glare from motorists coming in the opposite direction I failed to see this animal. Fortunately I was not at a high speed but it still injured me and could be worse. My glasses flew off and my helmet dislodged from my  head. The front of my  bike is damaged too but I'm alive and don't want this to happen to a fellow human being or a tourist. I request that theese cattle be arrested and quarantined and the owners fined till they confine them to their farms or sheds for the  night. Please join me in saving lives and making the Roads of Goa safer.