Road safety - pledge for a Pedestrian crossing on the busy A470

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The A470 sees its fair share of Road traffic collisions. We are petitioning for a pedestrian crossing to be erected to ensure the safety of all the residents of our village 

Currently it is impossible to cross the 2 lanes of traffic directly due to the speed and frequency of traffic therefore people are forced to cram on to the central island between 2 lanes of fast moving traffic. When families/ more than 2 people/ dog walkers attempt to cross the A470 they are unable to fit on to the inadequate sized central island. If individuals pushing a pram attempt to cross it is impossible  to fit on the central island and the pram wheel is in the road posing a huge risk to the child,parent  and oncoming traffic.

For the majority of residents crossing the main road is unavoidable as the football field, garden centre, recycling facilities and bus stop are located on the other side of the main road. Glan Conwy has a high population of elderly residents who rely on public transport. These vulnerable people are sensory impaired, physically impaired and are expected to negotiate the fast moving traffic and navigate across the road, without a safe crossing in order to catch a bus or a train. It’s unacceptable. Some elderly residents are too frightened to cross and therefore choose to remain at home, becoming isolated. It’s not just the elderly that are affected by this, children of high school age have to cross the road at least twice a day to catch the school bus. During rush hour the traffic increases significantly making the task of crossing the road even more dangerous. Many parents have to escort their teenagers to the bus stop as they are too afraid of the children being hurt crossing the road (as incidents have already occurred.)

Please help our cause and sign our petition.