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Abandon the ridiculous changes proposed for P platers

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We the youth of South Australia hereby state our wholehearted opposition to the proposed revisions to P plate laws. The South Australian government seems to be of the opinion that the best way to make us better drivers is to make it harder and harder for us to get our licenses and to place more and more restrictions on us as drivers.

If this strategy was effective, we would have seen a dramatic reduction in fatalities and deaths after the prohibition of high powered cars and the doubling of L plate hours and time. The proposition of these new laws shows that what you believed would be effective then has not achieved its goals so why do you think that going further down the same path will help?

The higher accident rate for P platers cannot be fixed through curfews or limits on passengers. It is a problem stemming from teenage cultures of hoon driving and pushing the limits - things which are already illegal yet still happen and which can only be fixed through education and training.

Furthermore, will the government take responsibility for the increase in young people being hit by cars or assaulted after having to walk home late at night because their sober friend wasn't legally allowed to drive them?

If you wish to create laws that directly and specifically effect us, you need to do so after consulting us - not adults tasked with collecting statistics on us.

We demand that you abandon these laws and begin to actually talk to P platers about the laws you wish to make for them. 

We also remind you that our group is on the cusp of voting age and ask you to consider the effects such harsh laws would have on our opinion of the Labour party. 

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