Regulate Smart Start Inc

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This petition is meant to stop Smart Start Inc from being above the Law. Breathalyzers are a GREAT SOLUTION to drunk driving but the current terms of this company aren't fair.

Smart Start Inc has been awarded several contracts by governments in Canada, in USA, in Australia. Smart Start is a company which installs breathalyzers in the cars of people who have been convicted of DUI. 

I'm creating this petition so that governments regulate Smart Start Inc by: 


1. Making Smart Start responsible for every fees, damages, losses, caused by a defective device. 

2. Make Smart Start have an emergency line which is able to answer the phone within less than 15 minutes wait. 

3. Make Smart Start pay for towing fees systematically if your car is towed due to a defective device or any reason that isn't due to the fault of the user.

4. Have Smart Start being obligated to have a Road side assistance team which comes TO YOU when your car is stranded because of the device and the user isn't at fault. 

5. Make Smart Start devices detect ETHANOL only, like any police breathalyzer would. Why would governments let a company charge users money for violations that are due to alcohol that isn't ethanol? Unbelievable.

6. Make Smart Start devices capable of being deactivated from distance in case of emergency. Smart Start currently claims this is impossible and if the device is defective you cannot move your car and can be left in urgent situations.