Solution to RO Waste Water Wastage

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For every litre of water filtered by an RO water purifier, three to four litres of potable drinking water is expelled as waste water. Imagine that: 3 litres of waste water for every litre of filtered water. This waste water ( otherwise potable tap water) conventionally undrinkable due to the high content of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the absence of poor solutions for it's reuse just goes down the drain. Infact, RO water purifier installation teams recommend setting up RO units over Wash Basins so that the  waste water can be disposed through the drain. 

Can a water-poor country like ours afford this sacrilegious wastage of an essential precious commodity as potable drinking water. 

The onus for collection and preventing of RO waste water should move from the consumer to the RO Manufacturing Companies. They should be made responsible for the collection of reject water, and one solution that is easy to follow is the installation of a tank with every RO unit to collect reject water.

It is an arduous task to collect the RO waste water and use it for cleaning purposes. Moreover, RO waste water has limited uses due to the high content of minerals and hardness. Assuming that an average Indian household uses 20 litres of filtered water, we lose close to sixty litres of good clean  usable water  per day per household. And here we haven't even considered commercial establishments where it is mandatory to use filtered water. Imagine the tune of wastage then.

Just putting the responsibility for the reuse of this RO waste water on the end user will only be a partial solution. RO Manufacturing companies must provide the solutions to reduce the wastage of Potable  Drinking Water. They could provide a tank with a dispenser to collect the RO waste water with an inbuilt water softener or water softener tablets to reduce the hardness of the RO waste water. The collected and treated RO  waste water can then become more versatile to use.

Every drop is precious. Let's save water