Stop the cancellation of RNZ Concert Radio 2020

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As of February the 5th 2020, RNZ has publicly announced their plans to drop their 
"Concert" radio broadcast from the FM airwaves. 

The reasoning for the necessity to change seems unfounded, when there could just as easily be changes made to the current Concert station to fit the supposed "youth" narrative.  

The move to AM frequencies (apparently "24/7")  will sound terrible and lose the curation that has developed it into what it is today. 

"According to documents for staff, the move would eliminate 17 jobs at RNZ Music, including all RNZ Concert presenter roles, from late March."

This service is provided for by taxpayers. There is no reason the current station couldn't adapt to be more encompassing of younger audience, rather than developing into yet another FM station full of forgettable, disposable current culture.