Virus or CLOGGED SEWER ? #MandateBuildingCodeRequirements !!

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After our School , The Mane Academy ,closed in December due to very severe medical problems with my students, other teachers and my daughter we discovered Sewer Gas leaks as well as Natural Gas leaks were the culprit to the health hazards. We began to look for another location and discovered lots of other commercail units for lease in town had the same issue. Business owners, Residents and parents of students contacted us to compare medical problems with the ones that my children had after exposure. After coming across so many others we have started a petition to Raise AWARENESS!

FYI to Parents :  You all have to go online and search the deed for your school. Pull the plat and look to see if the school is old and on an old private sewerage septic system that was approved by building inspections back when it was built, or if Public Sewer connected is clogged and also how old the HVAC units are. A check for if Mold in the ducts of the system is present is important for health and safety. A lot of these Schools, Businesses, Appartment complexes and Neighborhoods have methane gas and natural gas leaks, or both . Also if the vent stacks that should exit the roof are next to hvac intake , then it recycles the gas back through and pushes out through heat and air vents. This is a problem at many public places and homes on public sewer. Building Codes were updates as recent as 2015 to ensure safety by distancing the vent stack a certain footage away from intake vents.  We are proposing our County mandate the upgrades to ensure safety and have zero tolerance for "grandfather clauses".
We have done an hour interview with Goupstate 6 weeks ago and they still have yet to print the Story. We have called to check and they state that they are understaffed and havent had time to look into it? 
We have reported to News 7 on your side and  they have not returned calls. We have met with District 6 school board member and made them aware of several cases where teachers have had health problems , some as severe as strokes.
This is a huge issue , and the taxes that should go to schools for updating building codes to keep children and teachers safe is where? The 30 million dollars from 2010 bid was suposed to ensure our Safety for the next half century , yet 8 years later we have sick people and some deaths related to these issues? When will we admit the infrastructure of 130 yr old water and sewer pipes are in desperate need of upgrades? We dont need another Hotel, and we wont See Spartanburg Rise if every other person is struck with Health Problems! 
The symptoms of these leaks are :
chest pains, miscarriage,
headaches, post nasal drip
diareah, loss of vision
vomit, seizure,
hives, muscle soreness, 
dizziness, digestion issues, 
agitation, brain fog, 
heart racing, 
closed esophagus, 
acid reflux, etc..
All of thebschool cases of "stomach bugs" , " coughing" , "pneumonia",  2 teachers had a stroke while using same classroom with sinks, A teacher fainted at FairForest Middle, and Lots of Socail Media post have given  comments to relate the symptoms ....We have lots of building code issues!
 The Media is reporting each case as a seperate issue . 
If you have a sick child i would ask the Principle about a building inspection to ensure air quality. IF you think it might be your place of employment you can report to Osha with a workplace enviornmental hazard complaint. 

please note people:
If COURTHOUSE EMPLOYEES ARE SICK , THEY May have OVERLOOKED ABOUT All Building Code Inspections from Small Business to Living Complexes and YOUR KIDS & THE TEACHERS also!!