Restore social justice to the heart of nursing

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" The Code of Ethics obligates nurses to be allies and to advocate and speak up against racism, discrimination and injustices. This is non-negotiable" (American Nursing Association).

However, Canadian nursing does not address systemic racism in its nursing curriculum and workplace. Black and racialized nurses are poorly represented in leadership, and  student nurses graduate with little understanding of systemic racism. Covid19 exposed higher death tolls among blacks who remain under-resourced, while continuing at greater risk as essential workers. Nursing needs to advocate for blacks and other racialized groups by making systemic racism and anti-black racism mandatory subjects in the nursing curriculum and textbooks, and ensuring these issues are addressed wherever nurses work. We are asking for a committee of black nurses and educators to be part of the curriculum and program planning  so that black and racialized nurses will receive equal opportunities in leadership and decision-making positions as everyone else. We also want to create a spirit of empathy and understanding among white nurses. We need your support to restore social justice to the heart of nursing.