Barbers Avenue Community Park

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This petition is to get Barbers Avenue children’s play area back. The decision stands with the council. All we have in Parkgate is the banana planatation which is already in danger of drilling and disruption. We live in a industrial estate surrounded by main roads and businesses. We haven’t got one small community park in walking distant. Rosehill is a fair way when you want to pass half hour on, that’s more of a couple of hours visit. Pupils at Ashwood Road school took a survey last year and the main point that was made was there was nothing for them locally to get too that was in safe distance to home. We haven’t even got a family friendly pub with play area near by. The parks been tore down, council cabins towered high, and we are left with a eye sore that’s chained up and used to smash bottles on. Any support to get the park back would be greatly appreciated and help towards a decision to be hopefully made. There’s a choice few people who put their heart and soul into keeping the area clean by litter picking and helping others, all off their own back and yet the council seem to be happy to leave the place looking run down. Taylor Wimpy have the money to get the park back. We need signatures to make it happen! 

This petition is for Rotherham Borough Council to see that the Park was loved, used and wanted and the community want it back.