Stop the Eviction of Cigarette Records !

Stop the Eviction of Cigarette Records !

5 September 2020
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RJK Properties and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Owain Jones

Please help support us in protesting our unlawful eviction from Beckenham Place Mansion by RJK Properties. Just as we are starting to recover financially from COVID we're being kicked out.

We have proposed to the landlord to allow us to stay until after Christmas (our busiest business period). As this gives us fair notice to relocate so as not to hinder my ability to run the business. 

Please show your support by signing this petition and if you can attend the Protest (link below).
If you can't make the protest please give a "Maybe" response on the event page in sign of support ❤️

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For their eviction to be legal it must given us adequate notice and time. 

From previous communication we were of the understanding that as RJK's contract with Lewisham has run out we would be going onto a rolling type contract as had happened previously when they were between contracts with the Council. 
Their argument is that 6 weeks is reasonable time because we should be expecting our contract to end. However due to what we had been told and previous rolling contract an eviction was far from expected.
To relocate my entire business and make this life changing decision in 6 weeks is simply not reasonable on top of trying to maintain a business and dealing with the shock of the situation. 

After 2 and a half years as a tenant of RJK properties at Beckenham Place Mansion we have been served notice to vacate the building entirely by 30th September and initially only given 10 days (28th August) to remove 12,000 records from a shared storage area. Since then we have been given a 7 day extension to remove the 12,000 records. 

Hi, I'm Owain. I own/ run Cigarette Records in Beckenham Place mansion and I organise the “Party at the Mansion” Events.
We’re so shocked that after sticking with our landlords through covid (we could have been in storage for less) we have been served an eviction notice by Beckeham Place Mansion Management (Copeland Park, RJK Properties).
We’ve been given 6 weeks to vacate the building (30th September).
But we’ve only been given 10 days to remove 12,000 records from a shared storage space in the attic which we have to find storage outside of the building for.
We have communicated to the management why this is unlawful based on Adequate Notice and the Quiet Enjoyment clause of our contract which stipulates appropriate notice periods for works to be undertaken so as not to hinder the ability to run my business. The attic stock is the online Discogs stock and intricately organised so can't be moved quickly and must be done by someone who understands the system. There isn't space for it in the shop so we'd have to store it off sire. If moved it will greatly increase the time we have to spend logistically on orders and so have a direct monetary loss. 12,000 records is simply not easy to move especially whilst dealing with the shock of eviction, trying to find a new premises and maintaining some sort of business as this is my only source of income. For these reasons it breaks the quiet enjoyment clause of our contract.
Considering costs we'd have to move everything twice, once into storage (extra rent for storage unit on top of shop costs) and then out of storage into the new shop premises. 

The reply from Copeland Park to legal points about Quiet Enjoyment is that the original 28th August deadline stands. Upon pressing the governments extension of non evictions for other sectors to 31st September and the Governments guidance on working with tenants during this period we were given a 7 day extension (4th September). Which for the amount of work to be done and the cost involved is simply not adequate. 

Reason given for eviction is they have had to consider how their business operates post Covid. However there has been no attempt to renegotiate for a higher rent for example. 
I’m confused how this only involves evicting me (no one else has been served notice).
I have always paid rent on time.
Disclosure there are some arrears from Covid around confusion with when and what I should pay because they offered some rent relief, all has been communicated by email and approved by the management.


Coronavirus stress took a big toll on my mental health (this has been expressed to RJK). I'm desperate to take some time out but I'm having to deal with this eviction now which is a huge pressure. 

How You can help

- Sign the Petition 

- Attend the Protest

- Email, or Call Beckenham Place Mansion + Copeland Park to tell them how you feel about this situation.
- Email your local MP.
- Email Lewisham Council (they rent the property to Copeland Park)
- Let us know if you have a premises for us.

If you can't attend please give us a "Maybe" response in sign of support



Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Signatures: 485Next Goal: 500
Support now


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