Riverbank Public School needs air conditioning!

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We want our Children to perform to their best ability! But during a large part of the year they can’t.


Riverbank Public School does not have air-conditioning!

We need air-conditioning in all classrooms NOW!

The NSW Government got it wrong!

When the school opened, our community was told that the school was built for 550 students.

Numbers are already double that at 1100! (And have you seen all the new houses still being built, MOST of which are in the schools catchment area?!).

The government has essentially admitted they got it wrong and have committed to an additional new classroom block to be completed by 2020 but still no air conditioning.

As we are not aware of any plans to build a new school in the area, we, as a community need to insure that our children learn in the best possible environment despite the high, over-the-top student numbers!

Riverbank Public School needs air-conditioning now! Premier Gladys Berejiklian, needs to realise that our summers out West are getting hotter with temperatures so high, making learning difficult and sometimes unbearable.

Our children need a comfortable, healthy environment to perform at their peak in all of their subjects!

The P&C have been working hard raising thousands of dollars toward air conditioning, but they cannot do it alone. 

Have you noticed all the demountable classrooms that have been put around the school? They all have air-conditioning but the permanent buildings don’t!

Schofields Public School’s new building program includes air-conditioning!


Public Pressure!

The government is rolling out its new budget and structure.

Air-conditioning must be put into our school NOW!

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Let Mr Kevin Conolly - MP for Riverstone & Mr Robert Stokes - Minister for Education know that the system needs to change and Riverbank Public School needs air conditioning as a matter of urgency.

Thank you!