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Secure Funding For Improved Sidewalk Mobility Of Hemet School Children

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Unfortunately, when Hemet and Riverside County were established, they were not designed for  the population that we have now.  Our local area currently has approx.  81,000 residents.   

According to, Valle Vista, Hemet, San Jacinto, and Idyllwild’s population of children that are under 18 is about 51% of the local population.  

I am a mother of 5 children, 4 of 5 are in school in Hemet Unified schools.  I drive to the schools 4-6 times a day, back and forth. This has given me a good perspective of how many children are walking in the streets in East Hemet.   I have heard stories of children being hit by cars, some even killed.

As a mother, I am always worried about children’s safety. And, seeing so many children walking in the street really concerned me. So, I began a mission to make our streets safe. I started by writing County Supervisor Chuck Washington and expressing my concerns.

I was able to get the county to come here and install a stop sign at Hemet Street and Thornton Ave.. I also asked about the possibility of the county providing  sidewalks for our children to walk on instead of in the streets.

I pointed out to Supervisor Washington the need for sidewalks, especially surrounding the schools and the main pedestrian thoroughfares. This is an extremely dangerous situation for our children and pedestrian citizens that we need to fix.  

I know from experience that if you want something done, you need to stay on top of the situation and keep attention on the need you want to remedy.  if you don’t  keep focus on the problem, the people we elect will not feel compelled to do what you want.  

But, if you stay focused, sometimes they will listen to you.

I started to video people walking in the street, I had my 15 year old make a website, and I even posted flyers around town telling people to speak up and tell our website at what they think about the lack of safe sidewalks..

During a meeting with Supervisor Washington,  I asked if he could allow me to be his eyes and ears in my part of his district? He said, “yes!”

Shortly thereafter, I began the process of contacting his office by mail and phone. I was contacted by the Riverside County Department of Transportation. They are amazingly intelligent people who are happy to assist Chuck Washington’s office in this very important project.

They explained to me that there is a grant that is possibly available to us. The name of the grant is “The Active Transportation Program.”  To publicize the need for sidewalks, we need to have community support.

This petition will go along way towards securing that grant. For the sake of all of our children, please support this effort by signing this petition today.

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