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Riverside City Council: Stop pet stores from selling puppy mill animals in Riverside County.

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The above mentioned stores, Barkworks, should follow the lead of many other pet stores and stop selling mill produced puppies.
Puppy mill dogs are crammed into cages and forced to have litters upon litters of puppies. These puppies are taken away from their mothers at a very young age and sold to pet stores. Puppy mill dogs are malnourished, and left in deplorable conditions. After females can no loner have litters they are either disposed of or sold cheaply to other puppy mills to try for one more litter. They are left in wire cages their which can severely damage their pads and are not given proper veterinary care. These dogs have to suffer throughout all of their lives and are left to face the elements in their cramped wire cages. These dogs are seen as crops for breeding to puppy millers and there for corners are cut whenever possible. The pet stores that sell these dogs value their own profits over the health and safety of the animal and rely on the uninformed public wanting into buying "the cute puppy in the window." Meanwhile, a large number of dogs are euthanized every year. Puppy mills are therefore indirectly contributing to these deaths as well.

Barkworks Pet Stores has been protested against numerous times. They have sold sick puppies that have come from puppy mills. They have five locations: in Brea, Cerritos, Mission Viejo, Thousand Oaks and here in Riverside. These stores must realize that selling from puppy mills is inhumane.

The Los Angeles City Council passed a ban on the sale of all non rescue dogs and cats this past summer, and the Riverside City Council should follow suit.

Help fight the disease of puppy mills and stop these stores that pretend they care about the animals they are trying to sell. Puppy mills are inhumane and if the demand is no longer there, the supply will eventually stop as well.

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