End the Mask Mandate at Riverdale Schools

End the Mask Mandate at Riverdale Schools

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Riverdale Families, we are asking parents to stand up for their children and to end the mask mandate at all Riverdale Schools. Masking your child/children is a decision that each family is fully capable of making for themselves. We have subjected our children to this way of life for almost two years. 

Vaccines and mask wearing are available to all who choose that form of protection. Our kids deserve to have the choice to wear a mask, without being segregated from their peers.

We ask that all signing supporters have a child/children in the Riverdale School Discrict so that we can use this as a strong backbone for our case. Make sure to share the petition once you sign it!


On February 4, 2022 Sangamon County, Jude Grischow, ruled that the emergency mask mandate and guidance from the Governor IDPH & ISBE are void. The mask mandates in our schools are illegal.  NO authority exists under law to mandate masks in our schools for children and staff. Forty three other states could not be wrong when it comes to discontinuing the use of masks to attempt to mitigate COVID.  They have found, as has the CDC (see below link) that the use of a cloth mask offer NO protection from COVID.

Riverdale is currently not abiding by this order, and we are being met with resistance upon applying this restraining order for our children. We urge reconsideration of this resistance by the school system and insist that they look to the facts that support that masking is not the answer to preventing the spread of COVID.These mandates are purely a political ploy for control and have no place in our schools.

There are countless studies proving the lack of effectiveness mask offer in the spread of COVID. 

It is being proven over and over that COVID recovery rates are significant and that morbidity rates are directly related to and other pre-existing conditions. 

The Delta variant, while more transmissible, is not more harmful. https//nypost.com/2021/07.08/dot-buy-the-hysteria-the-delta-variant-is-actually-less-dangerous/

Long term masking is harmful to children and mask do not work. Read 47 studies about their ineffectiveness and 32 studies about their harmful effects.  https://www.lifesitenews.com/new/47-studies-confirm-ineffectiveness-of-masks-for-covid-and-32-more-confirm-thier-negative-heath-effects

Cloth Masks Do Not Protect Against Virus as Effectively as Others, C.D.C. Says 3 weeks ago

Please take the time to start thinking for yourselves and your children. Thank you for taking time to educate yourselves further, and understanding that everyone deserves a chance to make their own decision. 

274 have signed. Let’s get to 500!