Request to Terminate/Not-Renew Seabreeze Property Management Contract/Services

Request to Terminate/Not-Renew Seabreeze Property Management Contract/Services

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Raj Gohil started this petition to Riverdale HOA Members and


The Homeowners/Members of the Riverdale HOA are seeking the termination (non renewal service) of the contract/services with the Seabreeze Management Company (SMC).


Please keep in mind that I also speak in behalf of many other homeowners.

Many homeowners believe the Seabreeze Management Company is not suitable for the management of the Riverdale community.  The SMC does not appear to work in the best interest of the community. Few of many reasons are:

  • They seem to be doing minimal work.
  • Incompetent: There is always delays on response for any questions or documents asked by the homeowners. The SMC is unable to provide documents related to the Riverdale community as well as answers of any questions related to CC&R, bylaws or the state/local codes. 
  • Poor communication: Their communication with the homeowners is rude and disrespectful. There is a long list of evidence but this is obvious if you have attended few HOA monthly meetings.  (such behavior is not tolerable!).
  • A clear conflict of interest: The SMC was hired by the developers (Brandywine) as well as they work closely with Brandywine. In other words, they may not have the homeowners best interest in their mind or as the top priority. The attorney also stated there is a conflict of interest in the last special meeting when my questioning were simply related to the current CC&R/bylaws.
  • Careless job: Even the attorney (they hired) seems to be unaware of our actual CC&R and bylaws. This is obvious based on how the attorney was unable to answer simple questions during the last special meeting. 

The SMC has terrible reviews on multiple platforms (one can google it) and their behavior is consistent with those reviews.  We need a strong and able Property Management Company to set our Association back into the right direction.

This petition will be brought to the monthly meeting so the Board is aware of what the community wants to see happen with our current management. We, the undersigned, are in favor and asking the board to terminate/not-renew the Seabreeze Property Management Contract/Services for the betterment of the community and have them replaced at the end of the term.

Even if other homeowners did not have any interaction with the SMC, I encourage and humbly request them to show us their support by signing the petition since there is nothing to lose. We homeowners are just trying to make a difference for the future of our community. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

To the Board 

If the Board is not willing to replace the SMC, we, homeowners, are requesting the Board to take the decision to a quorum vote in a special meeting. Accordance with the bylaws & CC&R, we are submitting the petition representing homeowners that is well above required (five percent) of the Association's total voting power.

Please reply to our request in timely manner.


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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!