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Help end the humanitarian crisis in Sutter County!

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Sutter County deserves a vibrant, safe and open, multi-use community park system along the Feather River. 

At the same time, our unsheltered neighbors now living in this zone, regardless of circumstance, status, or cause, must be treated with the dignity that all human beings deserve.

We, the undersigned, recognize that this is a community rehabilitation process that will be near impossible to fix by force. We urge our leaders to move forward with fiscally responsible coordinated entry programs, like those that have been employed to great effect by conservative counties across the State – and Nation. We hereby declare that our community is strongest when we stand together!

Lets shatter some myths about homelessness in Sutter County:

  • Myth #1: We have imported this problem. 75% of our unsheltered residents are from Sutter County. Fact is, our homeless problem is homegrown! 
  • Myth #2: Sutter County is affordable. Nearly all unsheltered residents are not homeless by choice. Housing costs in Sutter County are 30% above national averages. We lack affordable housing!
  • Myth #3: People are homeless because they are lazy. Most of our unsheltered residents cite an immediate personal crisis that drove them into homelessness. Loss of a job, medical emergency, and the recent fires are examples. In addition, the majority of our unsheltered are women and the elderly!
  • Myth #4: Fighting homelessness is too expensiveStudies show housing costs $10,000 per person per year, while leaving our neighbors homeless costs law enforcement, jails, hospitals, and other community services $31,000 per person per year. Housing First programs are fiscally responsible!
  • Myth #5: Let the non-profits take care of it. The boards, staff, and volunteers of our non-profits work tirelessly to improve the lives of our community every day. Our churches, mosques, and Sikh brothers and sisters provide countless hours of vital community and homeless outreach. But, this crisis is a decade-plus in the making and we are now overwhelmed. This is a community rehabilitation program. Let’s unify these crucial faith-based and non-profit programs. For this to work, it will take all of us pulling together as a community!

Join the River's Edge Campaign! Together we can improve our public lands, raise our property values, and provide a community that reflects our values. Working together we can stop homelessness in Sutter County!

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