Remove the name "New Orleans Plantation Country" to Stop Glamorizing Plantation Tourism

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Despite the atrocities that occurred on plantations during American slavery; such as families being torn apart, rape, outright murder, human trafficking and people forced to work under horrendous and inhumane conditions, these labor homes across the country are STILL GLAMORIZED for their “architecture” and “wedding venues” over the loss of human life. This is why we ask the River Parishes Tourist Commission to remove its brand of “New Orleans Plantation Country” on its site as the FIRST STEP to begin to honor these ancestral grounds and its descendants given that these lands serve as part of GROUND ZERO of systemic racism in the country. The state of Louisiana welcomes millions of tourists every year to these once sugar cane labor camps where people were worked to death and treated as human chattel. Yet now these lands are advertised as beautiful venues for weddings and festivities with only one plantation, The Whitney Plantation Museum that is entirely dedicated to the African-American narrative. We want to honor their lives and the descendants of the enslaved by starting with the rebranding of  “New Orleans Plantation Country” to help heal the nation and the African-American community, where over 41% of the population is black, and where most are direct descendants of the enslaved. 

In 1795, Étienne de Boré a New Orleans sugar planter granulated the first sugar crystals in the Louisiana Territory creating a surge in sugar plantations across Louisiana. As a result, Louisiana would go on to a produce a quarter of the world’s sugar cane supply which sky-rocketed the value of enslaved people, making New Orleans the Walmart of trafficking human life. The enslaved people would ultimately represent tens of millions of dollars in capital that financed investments such as loans and businesses. These labor homes became economic engines for the United States, killing and traumatizing hundreds of thousands of black people and families through heavy workload, assault and inhuman, horrendous working conditions. Historian Michael Tad from the New York Times, 1619 project states, “Louisiana led the nation in destroying the lives of black people in the name of economic efficiency”. 

Let’s start to heal the African-American community and nation by taking the first steps to honor the African-American narrative and stop glamorizing these sacred grounds where profound loss of life, atrocities, inhumane treatment and where the origins of systemic racism began by demanding the following:

1. Acknowledging the atrocities around slavery and human suffering that occurred on these grounds with AN OVERALL BLURB on the "Plantation Country" section of

2. RENAMING of "Plantation Country" for plantation tourism on  and allowing descendants and residents to take part in renaming it that honors the African-American narrative 

3. STOP ADVERTISING "beauty", "wedding venues", and "ornate features" of these sacred homes where SYSTEMIC RACISM began and lives were lost and families were torn apart on "Plantation Country" section under marketed plantations in the region

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