Stop charging servers 2% on their tips to pay the company's cost of doing business.

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Restaurants, that are ran by River City Food Company, recently started charging their serving staff 2% of their tips that are left on credit card payments made by guest. Meaning, if a guest writes a tip on the credit card slip, that server has to pay River City Food Company 2% of that tip. How management informed staff of the new change they explained, "Credit Card companies charge us for using the credit card services. We have been paying this fee on behalf of the server's tips as well, but we can no longer afford to do so." I, a server for the company, contacted the Cheif Financial Manager Matt to ask why servers are being left with the burden of this fee, even tho it's a cost of business for River City. Matt had no clear answers. We, the serving staff, are very upset that this is LEGAL in the state of Michigan. Server's make $3.50 per hour. We rely on our tips to get paid for the job we do. Our company is taking half of our paychecks and then taking 2% of what's rightfully ours; with no real good answer as to why! 

Myself, amongst other serving staff, make very little as it is working for River City Food Company. The 2% they take from me is starting to have a big impact on my family! I am a single mom working as hard as I can to keep food on the table and the bosses sitting behind a desk making $75,000 annually are taking from staff that only make about $10,000 a year, half of which is our tips! This needs to Stop! Either every person in the company pays the fee or no one pays at all! It should not be segregated to the serving staff; the employee that runs the credit card!