River Chase Property Owners Petition To Recall Directors

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Since 2014 the River Chase Property Owners have enjoyed peaceful harmony, and the enjoyment of an association governing body that advocates for for the same. Over the past year many actions by certain members of the River Chase Board of Directors have been contrary, not only to that peaceful harmony, but contrary to the will of our owners as a majority. There have been actions that were not only deceptive in nature, but also actions by these board members that can only be defined as rogue, and focused only on the success of their self serving agendas. As a community, River Chase Owners have a say, and we have the power to effect change when we disagree with the direction that directors want to take our community. We have the power to recall Directors. This petition is being brought before the community to garner 450 signatures so that we can call a special meeting of the association. The purpose of the meeting............to recall Director/Directors.  Reason for recall:   

A)Failure to promote the goals and interest of the association in a constructive manner.
B)Sharing deceptive information in regards to association financials.
C)Sharing deceptive information with community in regards to legal liabilities concerning the association.
D)Lying in regards to the qualifications of association vendors.
E)Promoting increased legal liability to the association by monitoring common space security systems without a license. 
D) Making unilateral decisions to hire vendors without board approval.
E) Working to generally undermine board decisions which these officers disagreed with.
F) Working to create a false legal narrative in regards to community events.  

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