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Het gesprek met Rituals verkopers/The conversation with Rituals vendors


DUTCH (scroll down for English)

Naar aanleiding van de boycott is actiegroep lid Pravini Baboeram naar een Rituals winkel in Utrecht gegaan om het gesprek met een Rituals verkoper aan te gaan en haar klacht over "The Ritual of Holi" lijn kenbaar te maken. Omdat in de winkel niet gefilmd mag worden, doet ze verslag van het gesprek in deze video. De reactie van Rituals is te zien op het screenshot.

Uit de reactie blijkt dat Rituals de klacht van Pravini niet serieus neemt. Daarom zoeken we minimaal 10 andere mensen die op verschillende locaties en verschillende momenten ook het gesprek met een Rituals verkoper willen aangaan. We willen hiermee de druk opvoeren en RItuals het signaal geven dat ze dit niet zo makkelijk kunnen wegwuiven.

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Namens Actiegroep Holi is geen Houseparty


Following the boycott, action committee member Pravini Baboeram went to a Rituals store in Utrecht to engage in a conversation with a Rituals vendor to address her complaint about "The Ritual of Holi" line. Because no filming is allowed in the store, she reports on the conversation in this video. The reaction of Rituals can be seen on the screenshot.

Below the English translation:

"Dear Pravini,
As a result of your visit to our store in Hoog Catharijne and the letter that you have issued there, we will gladly answer you via this message.
We appreciate that you have taken the time to share your feedback and thoughts with us. We are inspired by traditions, smells and ingredients from both the east and the west. The inspiration for our collections is a connection of wisdom from the East and the modern lifestyle of the West. This association is a tribute to all the wonderful rituals from around the world. It is a celebration of traditions and customs that we draw inspiration from and which we wholeheartedly embrace.
We respect these ancient traditions, such as the Holi Spring Festival, and it is never our intention to imitate any of these traditions.
It has never been our intention to offend or belittle the traditions that we sincerely respect, and we understand other opinions about our interpretation.
Unfortunately, we can not accept your invitation to start a conversation, but we want to let you know that your message has been received.

We wish you a very nice day.

Team Rituals"

The reaction shows that Rituals does not take Pravini's complaint seriously. That is why we are looking for at least 10 other people who want to enter into a conversation with a Rituals vendor at different locations and different times in The Netherlands. We want to increase the pressure and give Rituals the signal that they can not easily dismiss this.

Do you want to contribute to this campaign? Check our website for the instructions: and contact us for further coordination and briefing via

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On behalf of Action Committee Holi is not a Houseparty

Holi is geen Houseparty
3 years ago