I would like to get the new reworked Irelia deleted from the game (League of Legends)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

For beginners League was a pretty fun game until they made the decision to rework the popular champion Irelia. It all went downhill from there as this champion is cancer incarnate with its overpowered stats and non-skill expressive to the point of stupidity kit. Her kit revolves around dashing around the opponent team so many time that it brings them epilepsy and a 50/50 stun that if it hits you you are a dead man walking. This rework after so many years of playing league brought tears to my eyes as they changed the core concept of the champion turning her into an insane late game assassin with the ability to burst squishy champions rendering them unable to do anything to survive their encounter with this beast of a character as she also can and will absorb tons of damage from the enemy team with her new w which doesnt even make sense in a kit like hers. So my fellow summoners i would like to make rito james delete this absurd concept of a champion so if anyone shares my opinion take part in the petition and lets fight together for a brighter tomorrow in the fields of justice.

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