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Royal Commission of enquiry into the Crowns Racist hate of Maori

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In 2006 a white European female presented herself to the Family Court claiming to be a victim of Domestic Violence at the hands of a male of Maori descent and as such she was immediately awarded a protection order.

9 months earlier she had attempted to get a protection order against a white european male with almost identical allegations yet the FC refused to award it, with her eventually forcing their child to accuse his own father of sexual abuse. Previous to that she had accused a white european male of DV including rape, the third man she claims has raped her over the course of her life, he is the father to the 2 oldest children and he promptly fled to Australia. 

This female was involved in 2 FC cases that ran side by side for almost 5 years. The FC refused to acknowledge the facts that in the case against the male of Maori descent -

- there were no witnesses prepared to come to court and give evidence in support of her despite a large number of alleged incidences of DV being committed against her in front of other people

- the only witness prepared to testify in court on her behalf was her father with his evidence being thrown out of court by a Judge

- she could provide no evidence whatsoever from any source to support over 260 allegations made against the male of Maori descent 

- the evidence she filed in the other court case whereby she was in awe of the male of Maori descent and his abilities as a father to her 3 other children and to how close the children were to him

- her own evidence which contradicted itself on a number of occaisions

- a clearly evident pattern of behaviour by the female whereby she goes to any length she can to make contact between the tamariki and their fathers as difficult as possible

- her history of using the false allegations of DV against the men who had fathered children to her and the fact that she had been in a relationship with a violent ex convict who had threatened to kill her and the children on a regular basis yet she did nothing about that situation at all

- the lack of violent or sexual offending of any sort by the male of Maori descent before entering into a relationship with her at the age of 33

- the large number of affidavits filed in support of the male of Maori descent which clearly were not consistent with her claims of DV but were consistent with her affidavit whereby she was in awe of said male

- a significant amount of evidence filed that showed that a lot of her allegations were clearly false and were unlikely to have occured

- evidence of a false statement being made to the Police about a purely fictitious incident which was then later relied on as evidence in court

- the details of that fictitious incident changing vastly when she was on the stand giving oral evidence so much so that one would be right in thinking she was talking about 2 completely different situations.

The FC simply refused to accept that this female had lied and misled the FC, it refused to acknowledge the witness affidavits and the lack of offending by the male of Maori descent and also refused to acknowledge allegations of perjury against her yet at the very same time, the FC was investigating an allegation of perjury against a Maori male in another case who had allegedly lied to the FC to get orders in his favour with the FC going on to issue a warning to him regarding perjury.

The resulting effect of these false allegations led to the FC issuing two vastly different orders for contact with the white european boy being given-

- contact with his father at every xmas since birth

- 4 nights a fortnight with his father

- a seperate night with his father on the week he didnt have him for the 4 nights

- full shared care during the school holidays so they can holiday together for a week at a time

- an allowance for contact at every xmas

- an allowance for contact at every birthday

- full involvement in his sons schooling

- full involvement in his sons sporting interests

- an allowance for this contact arrangement to be changed


with the part Maori girl, 18 months younger being awarded -

- contact on her 4th birthday only

- 1 night a fortnight with her father

- 1 evening meal on a wednesday night with her father

- no allowance for contact at xmas

- no allowance for contact on her birthday

- no extra contact during school holidays

- no involvement with her schooling 

- no involvement with any sporting activities

- no allowance for this order to be changed

with this order being the same order as that given to convicted child abuser and killer Tania Witika upon her release from prison.

As such it is clear by from the Crowns actions through its FC that it considers Maori to be worth significantly less then white people and as such Maori or moreover, Maori Tamariki, simply will not be given the same rights and or opportunities by the Crown as those given to white europeans with the Crown clearly regarding Maori as nothing more then violent dangerous worthless black nigger scum.

Since the conclusion of the FC case the Police, as is required when an application for a firearms license is made, have investigated the sworn facts placed before the FC by the female against the male of Maori descent and could find NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that would give her sworn facts ANY CREDIBILITY WHATSOEVER with the Police deciding that in regards to the claims of DV that the white european female was simply "motivated by spite".

The Male of Maori descent has canvased the Crown heavily to acknowledge the human rights offences it has committed through the use of its racist hate of Maori as continually used throughout the Justice system.

A formal request was filed with prime minister John KKK Key to rescind the honour awarded to Judge Von Dadelszen as he was the judge who gave the appalling order for contact. It appears that KKK Key simply ignored that request which has been refiled with Bill English. A request has been filed for the immediate resignation of Judge Callinicos, Judge Ryan and also Judge Boshier.

As it stands the order for contact was abandoned by all parties with the Crown simply refusing to do anything further to resolve the issues it has been presented with and as such the part Maori child has simply had her bond with her father and her whanau/hapu/iwi destroyed.

Further significant action against the Crown is imminent.

As Tangata Whenua and New Zealanders we must stand as one and show the crown that treating Maori tamariki different because of their skin colour is simply unacceptable and as New Zealanders we will not accept it.

They want us to end DV yet clearly they are happy to allow it to happen when the victims are Maori and the offenders are white europeans.


A formal request for a Royal Commission of enquiry was sent to the now former Minister for Maori Development Te Ururoa Flavell..... with his response showing no concern for the mistreatment of our People by the Government he was in coalition with. As such, he stated that the mistreatment of myself and my whanau - which naturally extends to my hapu, my Iwi and Tangata Whenua - was a personnal matter and that he could not comment on the workings of the Court - even though he wasnt asked to. Ironic that they then went on to lose their place in government...

As such, this request will now be formally made to Kelvin Davis whom shares a common whakapapa with my whanau to the same hapu.

As such, due to Kelvin Davis not needing to suck political dick to ensure the survival of the political party to which he belongs, it is hoped his response will be more genuine and show actual concern for the Crowns appalling treatment of us as Maori.

Nga mihi nui.



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