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#bethechange Maypearl Prom Dress Code 2017

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Dear Mr. Bowling,

On behalf of this year's juniors and senior female students and all those to follow our legacy that we leave behind, we are requesting a change to the current prom dress code.  

The current code in the Student Handbook states:

"Dresses may not be cut below the bust line. The bust continues around your sides, directly under
your armpit. With arms down at your side, if flesh touches flesh below the bust line, the dress is
Dresses may be backless as long as they are not cut below the naval.
Midriffs will not be exposed. This includes both front and side. With arms down at your side, if
flesh touches flesh in the midriff section, then the dress is inappropriate.
Dresses may not have see-through fabrics such as tulle, netting, or illusion in the midriff area.
Dresses may not have a slit that is shorter than 17” from the natural waistline.
Undergarments should not be visible.
Pinning and fabric inserts:
• No pinning will be allowed as alterations for a dress if without the pins the dress does not
meet dress code.
• Fabric inserts must be sewn, not pinned, on the dress if without the inserts the dress does
not meet dress code.
• No cover-ups (coats, shawls, sweaters) will be allowed over dresses that do not meet dress

Since we were little girls we dreamt of the day when we could attend our high school prom, wear a fancy dress, and experience one of the most memorable nights in our high school years.  We dreamt of the ideal dress that will make us feel beautiful and confident.  We like to celebrate our individuality and style by choosing a dress that is tasteful and like no one else's.  We have been taught in school, at home and in church to be confident in who you are, love yourself, appreciate and celebrate your differences.  Love your body, for it is you in all of your uniqueness and all of its imperfections, is the platform so many stand on. 

Fashions change, just like young girls.  We no longer wear pig tails and overalls.  We are young women now.  We have accepted that in the academic setting there is a reasonable dress code.  Although at times we do not like it, we know it is what is expected of us at school.  All schools have adjusted their school dress codes to stay in touch with what is popular for the students.  This is evident in the ongoing modifications in the student handbooks every few years.  

Together with our parents, I feel we are capable young women who can choose a dress that is modest and tasteful, but in the lastest fashion.  I am confused by the fact that MISD feels as though they have the right to question our character and modesty by judging a dress.  We are not asking for free reign on the dress code, just modifications.  We understand and appreciate the conservitive view in order to try and protect and preserve our childhood.  A prom is many of our first experiences in growing up, attending a formal event, presenting ourselves as young ladies and not little girls.  A prom dress has no negative implications on the school district or those attached to it. Its a dress, that we chose to celebrate what should be a memorable night, feel beautiful and showcase our individuality. 

Here are a few reasons we feel the prom dress code should be reviewed and modified.

1. Necklines- although are mentioned in the current code, it does not prevent a girl from having a low cut dress, just not "below the bustline."
2. Strapless dresses are allowed and technically reveal more skin than most dresses. Not to mention the difficulty of making sure they stay put.
3. There's no mention of length of dress in the current code, therefore a student may actually wear a very short dress, as long as the slit is "17' below the waist."
4. Backless- a completely backless dress even IF in compliance with the dress code is very revealing. Not inappropriate, just revealing
5. Students may wear shorts and tank tops to school events, such as football games, etc Those are school functions on school property and the clothes they are wearing are not in school dress code.
6. Volleyball, track & field and cheer uniforms, (not to mention practice clothes worn) do not meet any school dress code, yet they are acceptable.
7. Prom is a parent/student funded event NOT on school property. The school does not give any money to host the prom.
8. Dress codes are modified every year based on current trends in fashion. Holes in jeans, shoes, hair, leggings, etc.
9. This year at homecoming a student wore a very beautiful dress that showed her midriff. She was dressed very modestly and appropriate. However, that is a school sponsored event, on school property and no action was taken against her. Her parents are employees of MISD. She was even allowed to wear that dress to the school sponsored dance after the game.

We ask that you modify the rule to allow "some midriff" or "allow no more than 1"-2" inches of midriff to be exposed.'  Also, stating that no navel should be seen.  There are many ways to write a new dress code, that would allow us to wear the dress of our dreams and still represent ourselves with class.

We ask that you trust the judgment of our parents and us, and be confident in the teachings of some outstanding Maypearl teachers who have encouraged us to represent ourselves, families and MISD proudly.  


Maypearl High School Female Students


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