Upgrade Charles St North Perth to provide safe pedestrian crossings, bike and bus lanes

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Charles Street North Perth is a busy transport link between central Perth and the inner northern suburbs. It is used by many pedestrians to walk along and cross to reach community and recreation facilities and businesses. It also cuts through the North Perth and Kyilla Primary School catchments. Crossing the street is difficult and dangerous. It is also the route of many high frequency bus services and a popular route for bike riders. The government focus is to cater for car drivers at the expense of pedestrians, bike riders and bus users. Buses get stuck in traffic jams, and it is dangerous to ride a bike on the street except by very confident riders.

Permanent measures should be provided to enable safe crossing of the street at several locations. A dedicated southbound bus lane should be constructed from Green through to Vincent Streets. The Government already owns the land required. In addition, protected bike lanes, running north and south should be also provided. These bike lanes could be constructed right now, or at the time that the bus lane is built.

Personal story
My 7yo daughter and I live one street away from Charles St. We use the street to ride our bikes, catch the bus and walk along. I am also an advocate for greater walking, bike riding and public transport use and am concerned about the negative impacts that excessive private vehicle use is having on our community. For example, safety, air and noise pollution, and social division.