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My son was illegally adopted he is the victim along with me and my family of human illegal trafficking private adoptions have become a big business in the united states the average adoption between 15 -30000. adoption companies have commercialized private adoptions for monetary gain. They target unwed vulnerable drug addicted, homeless women getting pregnant. And often times adoption agencies ignore there rights of fathers that are not consenting in order to secure the adoption opportunity.
Keep in mind this is the second adoption the mother of my child has done through this adoption agency. These adoptions agencies provide incentives to these women. They provide apartments rent free during pregnancy and up to three months after pregnancy. So up to 13 months is rent free. they provide food, clothing, medical, and personal weekly spending money for up to potentially 13 months.
And because of my incarceration (yes, i am locked up i found out 2 months after my arrest my wife was pregnant) And because of the above incentives the mother of my child chose to place my son for adoption, rather than allow me and my family who tried and wanted to have him.
See mine and my families incentives came with restrictions like not using illegal drugs (meth) she had to work and go to school. And to stay away from the wrong people. But who wants to live with there in-laws right. No the adoption agencies incentives came with no restrictions. She got away with using drugs while pregnant. Long story short i lost the love of my life the mother and my son.
Iam not only seeking your help to get my son back but to hold the adoption agency accountable for the wrongdoing and acting in a fraudulent way. i am also wishing to petition to change the laws for adoptions. And honestly i cant do this alone. Im seeking help, contacts and your support. For the last year i fought a losing fight. Adoption companies have all the funds to hire attorneys to assure they have the upper hand going into this fight. I was unprepared because of my incarceration. I have to smuggle a family law book back into my unit just to study. And luckily i did or i could have failed to respond to the initial suit against me that only allows 20 days. But my efforts were not enough because for the 10 months prior to my hearing i filed motions pro-se that were never heard or they were ignored. Honestly i could right a book on all of the motions i filed and if you really want to hear the story i am willing to share it. But my efforts were not enough.
I understand i have made mistakes in my life that have gotten me were i am at which is prison. But that does not mean to take my rights and never allow me the chance to know my son. It does not mean i have the same feelings as every other parent in this world. What about my two other sons who know they have a brother that they know of and know they will grow up without knowing him. What about my mother and father the grandparents? what did my family do to be punished for my mistakes? my parents are certified foster parents in the state of Texas. my parents are willing and able to raise my son, and wanted to assume my responsibilities during my incarceration. But again we were not prepared or aware of the procedures involve. And simply showing up at my trial, wiling to testify that there desires were to raise my son was objected to because they did not have standing. This is crazy right? But this did happen and i have the child transcripts to prove this.
Anything i state i can prove. But again i say this i cant do this alone this was an illegal adoption the notary who is the sole caseworker for this adoption agency allowed information that she knew to be false, to be swore and notarized as true. They allowed a mother under the influence of drugs to sign away and finalize her rights with no concern weather she was mentally or emotionally stable. knowing that the minute she signs it she cant change her mind. (Ill include this affidavit for anyone to see shortened) Its the same document she initials next to every line that states " I should not sign this affidavit if i am not thinking clearly because of illness, medication, my emotional state, or any other reason." First off everyone knows a mother 9 moths pregnant using meth is not thinking clearly. And if medication could void or be a reason that this affidavit that is irrevocable should not be signed then this illegal mind altering drug should be also. Maybe it should be a rule or law in this situation that the mother has to pass a clean drug test before they are allowed to sign away there rights. But that i am sure would minimize the adoption opportunities for these money making adoption companies.
The mother after her and my son tested positive for illegal drugs snuck out of the hospital for fear of going to jail. The mother quickly contacted an adoption caseworker to tell them where the child was so that the caseworker could contact the hospital so they would not call the police for the mother abandoning the child and testing positive for illegal drugs. And the hospital waited until the mother ended her rights to the child. Hospitals are supposed to immediately contact authorities and C.P.S. if a child test positive for drugs or are abandon after birth. And because of the mothers actions my name was never documented as the father. 2 Days after my sons birth when we found out my son was born we were denied access to him. Being told adoptions angels inc the adoption company is the managing conservator of the child and we had no rights to the child because the mother nor the adoption agency placed the name on the registry. child protective services was finally contacted on Jan 9th 4 days after my son tested positive for drugs and was abandoned by his mother, 2 days after the mother signed and end her rights to my son. and again my name was never placed on the registry.
please do not get me wrong adoptions are good when there needed, connected to and done legally .but in this case my son is wanted by his grandparents, his brothers, his cousins, aunts and most of all his father.
ill include my information in case there are any questions that need answering. i would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, for your future help and donations. the money donated will go to legal research, fling fees, paralegal fees and hopefully a good attorney. ill take any and all help i can get. and again please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning this. also if you yourself are going through something similar or need advice or info that i might know, I am no lawyer but if i can point you in the direction you need or share the info i know of id be more then happy to. no one should lose there child or rights to there child simply because there unaware of what to do or cant afford to hire help.
god bless.
william troy hedgecock
F.C.I Estill
pobox 699
Estill, S.C 29918

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