Permanently VOID Discrimination form ALL CO Schools!

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The State of Colorado Board of Education needs to revoke the licenses it has issued to Cari Roberts and Janelle Kirkley, due to noncompliance with multiple laws, policies and best practices. Aurora Public Schools has failed to properly hold these teachers accountable, so we have to act for them. 

Cari Roberts and Janelle Kirkley have discriminated against an African-American student and parent through multiple displays of disparate treatment. Treatment so egregious,so crazy, as to fail to implement multiple Aurora Public Schools policies, ignoring Colorado Revised Statutes and Federal Laws, at the cost of the rights of the aggrieved, the hurt student and parent.

When confronted with the inadequacies of their decisions, these leaders of an entire school, decided to conduct themselves very outrageously. Walking out of African-American student success meeting. Going on to be untruthful, imparting fictious stories onto the student and parent. Seemingly, absent of a boundary, they would not cross.

These currently licensed educators, went on to conspire a hoax, which caused an abuse of multiple city resources. Misusing 911 resources, Aurora Police Department resources, thereby, resulting in a misuse of Aurora Citizen taxes.

The waste continues as over 1000 pages were printed to complete a Freedom of Information Request, to Aurora Police Department, because they denied the parent access to information. These pages confirm 40+ citizen-paid employees, in total, of the Aurora Police Department, Aurora City Government, on top of all the many, many employees of Aurora Public Schools, that have been involved in this hoax. Stop squandering our taxes! 

The conduct displayed must be dealt with appropriately. These two pulled numerous innocent professionals into a situation which had no need to be created, all in an effort to avoid accepting accountability for their mistakes.

These two negatively changed the lives of two people who will never be the same. Don't let Aurora Public Schools say this kind of behavior is acceptable. Help us rise up!

Do not waste anymore Citizen tax money!

Do not tolerate discrimination in our education system!

Revoke all types of licenses, for these educators, for the entire State of Colorado!

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