Ban the sale of plastic water bottles @ RIS canteen

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As a student of RuamRudee, I want to make a change at my school. If I start to make a change, it may not be much, but as a school and a community, we can definitely make a difference. If you believe in climate change, you should sign this petition to sell plastic water bottles at RIS. While you may argue that there are recycling bins all around the campus, a recent study by the University of Cambridge proves that only 7% of the plastic actually produced was recycled. Professor Stephen Hawking (BBC) proclaimed that the world is going to end in about 100 years, and climate change has a huge role to play in that.

Everyday, around 300 bottles of water are sold at the RIS canteen, along with 150 drinks such as blended fruit smoothies and shakes. This means we use at least 450 bottles of plastic just on every day. That is 13,500 bottles a month, and 135,000 bottles per school year. According to The University of Cambridge, 20,000 plastic bottles (500 mL) equals 1 tonne. So our school alone wastes 6.75 tonnes of plastic bottles per year. The same plastic and energy could be used instead of contribute more innovative and innovative products that can be recycled, such as construction tools, agriculture and technology. Every year, around 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean as pollution.

In a recent survey sent to the RIS class of 2020, they were asked what can be done to reduce the use of plastic at RIS. Results reveal that we are very happy to sell plastic bottles completely . These are many of the same students who answered " yes " they do buy plastic bottles of water everyday at school. This brings us to the reasoning that students are willing to let go of plastic bottles of water that can be purchased as their main source of water, for the greater good. After grasping the above mentioned reasons to not use plastic bottles of water, it is up to you if you want to make RIS a better place, and to be a part of a change.

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