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League of Legends Buff For Volibear

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In 2011, the most stunning character of all was released into League of Legends. His name was Volibear. Yet, after 6 years, they haven’t changed Volibear to a new and better form. With just updates of increase damage by 50 or attack speed by 5% we all Volibear mainers don’t get any benefit from this. With only 1.3% popularity and 0.1% of League of Legends players only mainig Volibear, this could arguably be the most unplayed character in the game. Instead of updating /buffing older champions, they are focusing on buffing champions that are already unbalanced. They are also creating new champions like Zoe, for example, who are so unbalanced it is mind blowing. Riot needs to start focusing on bringing make the champions that were part of the early years of league. Buffing this champion, for example, will bring back champions that no one ever plays anymore and give a more diverse set of champions to choose from. By signing this petition you are argeeing that certain champions like Volibear should be reworked and made part of the game again.

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