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Stop Riot Games Theivery

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Hello, everyone. If you have ever played League of Legends before you know how expensive riot points can be. You may also know how unfair and broken their banning system is. Basically, if you get reported for something in the game by your teammates, there is the chance for you to be permanently banned, with no access to your riot points or anything you have bought with your riot points. Riot Games says they have a no refund policy which means if your account gets permabanned, you cannot get a refund for all the money you spent on riot points, or transfer the items on your banned account to a different account. It's basically stealing from you.

Please, sign this petition if you think Riot Games should implement a system for refunding purchases from a banned account, or at least let you transfer items from one account to another because what they are doing right now is incredibly dishonest, shady, and makes you feel like a number instead of a respected  community member and paying customer.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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