Reduce the theoretical cost of Prestige skins in LoL

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Most of us common folks love to see our favorite champions "dressed" differently. Want them to look nice, you get me? What we do not love, however, is having to put in exaggerated amounts of money (which most of us can't afford to do) to buy ONE skin in a video game. That, my friends, is exactly what Riot is doing to us with Prestige skins.

I'm not asking for those skins to be removed, but for their "price" (can't buy prestige points directly) to be lowered to a fair price. And don't get me wrong, I don't want none of those skins for free and I'll be happy to buy them when their price gets affordable.

With this petition, I'm hoping that Riot will at least lower the price of future Prestige skins and think twice before selling overpriced merchandise.