Keep Twisted Treeline in League

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Riot wants to delete TT at the End of Season 9. That is an affront to all the players who love playing 3v3 and who put a lot of effort in understanding and advancing the meta of Twisted Treeline. The Goal of this Petition is to show Riot that there are still a lot of people who would be rather upset if they remove it and to maybe convince them to keep it alive. For some reason Riot is surprised about the fact that a Gamemode, who has been entirely ignored by Riot themselves for the last 7 years, isn't as popular as SR, which sees regular updates and changes at least once a year, if not twice. It's actually sad to see how far off their perception of the problem is from reality. Maybe if enough people sign this Petition, they will rethink their decision and keep TT as a permanent alternative Gamemode, at least the Ranked Version. Maybe they'll even give it an update for once.