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Riot Games: Implement Built-in Voice Chat into League of Legends

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Riot Games needs to implement a Built-in Voice Chat system into League of Legends. There are a few key things this will directly improve:

-Toxicity of player to player interaction
-Social Interaction (building durable long term friendships that many online communities benefit from)
-Team Communication

Toxicity: A great example of why this occurs in League of Legends can be observed by how users on interact. Users feel the power to say whatever they please no matter how harmful with very little remorse. Users don't often realize how their choice of words negatively affects a person or group of people.

TL;DR Strengthen communication between players; reduce toxicity.

Social Interaction: Social Interaction is one of the main reasons League of Legends is and could continue to grow in popularity. I remember being in college dorms and hearing about this game called League of Legends that had just recently left closed beta and how awesome it was. I met multiple gamers like myself in that setting. I strongly feel if you incorporate the ability to voice chat with players before, during, and after games this will allow players to make online friends who can be some of the strongest friendships they will have. A great example, classic Halo 2 online multiplayer.

TL;DR Talk to people via voice chat; make friends.

Team Communication: This is by far the most influential reason as to why voice chat needs to be implemented. The improvements made to the "ping" system have certainly helped but not enough. I absolutely cannot describe the frustration a player can feel when trying to play for and with their team in a game of ranked solo/duo with a team that lacks communication. For League of Legends to have every single game mode involve a TEAM, even Darius would be surprised voice chat isn't a thing yet. We all know his motto: "All for One and One for Darius."

TL;DR Team Communication needs voice chat to continue to grow.

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