Free Mayo

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Dear Riot Games,

This is from our brother, Mayo

He had fallen several years ago due to a hack, which he tried desperately to explain to you. He gave everything, and nobody believed him. He doesn't blame you for not understanding his scenario, he understands how it may look and accepted the punishment handed to him. He felt unjust because technology isn't always correct, and we are only human but understands the reasoning behind not uplifting the ban. However, today we wish to show you Mayo is not the person riot games has got him out to be. 

HE is not a toxic guy, he would never wish anything bad upon anyone. He himself will tell you that he's not perfect and has had his frustrated vents during games. He is very sorry for his actions in those games. 

Mayo, oh mayo

He is studying a course where he will be able to help people for the rest of his life, every single day. He only wants the best for everyone. Why would someone who is working so hard to be able to help people abuse people and make them feel horrible? This Does not seem like the mayo we know, and adds further to his story of being hacked :(

He has been an active member of the oceania community since day one.  He was a well known member of the "Looking for group" community. He in-fact recalls the days of having a few laughs with Riot Gehirn himself in the chat. Anyone from that chat can vouch for his good will

We want riot to see our brother is a good guy, he deserves better and a second chance. 

He is willing to cop any punishment riot wishes to enforce onto him. he says he will cop a permanent IP ban if his account was to cop another offence. 


Please help us get our brother back, and show riot what a loving character Mayo is