Change Cho'Gath's R (ult) from "Feast" to "Vore"

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Cho'Gath ultimate ability is currently called "Feast". As an avid memeber of the furry community, I would like to request that it be changed so that it is called "Vore".

The vore community has been marginalised and ignored by popular media since its inception. Being a creature of insatiable hunger, Cho'Gath should be leagues dedicated representative of the vore community. By changing his ultimates name from "Feast" to "Vore", League of Legends can become a bastion of progressiveness by being the first video game to represent to vore community.

Now, it could be possible to rename Tahm Kench's W called "Devour", to "Vore", but this wouldn't be ideal, as Tahm is not nearly as iconic as Cho'Gath. Additionally, Tahm's "Devour" is only a basic ability, unlike Cho'Gath's "Feast", which is an ultimate ability. 

Riot Games, it would be greatly appreciated if this change were to occur. You can help break the shackles of oppression holding down the vore community. Together we can vore the world, just like Cho'Gath would.

With Love <3

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