Bring Taliyah Back to midlane

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A few patches ago Taliyah was my favourite mid lane champion. I played her every game and had so much fun. I didn't want to play any other champion. But then there was patch 8.11. I read it, and when I saw the Taliyah changes, I couldn't belive it. The following days I saw every youtuber talking about Taliyah jgl. I was so sad. Taliyah was such a good champion for me and many others in the midlane, but now she isn't really playable in midlane. On websites like or blitz she isn't even shown as a midlaner, only as a jungler. I didn't know what to do. I played other champions in midlane but I wasn't really happy. So Taliyah Mains and Taliyah players I ask you: Do you want the champion, that you loved playing back to her main position? Do you want to throw stones on minions not on monsters? Then sign this. And don't understand me wrong, I don't want to remove Taliyah from the jgl, I want to make her viable in midlane again. It is good that Riot tries to make champions viable in multiple roles, but I don't understand why a champion should be removed from her main role.