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Bring Sword of the Divine Back to Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline.

Attack Speed and Armor Penetration on the Fields of Justice have been receiving harsh nerfs. The Sword of the Divine, which was thought to be used only as an anti-dodge weapon was being used by summoners for more than just that. As the only item ever created to have 60% attack speed, it was sought after by many dps carries. For an item to have 30 armor pen for an 8 second period, helped in bringing down the over-powered tanky meta, provide an edge in a 1v1, and even securing a turret kill. The item used frequently and was part of many summoner's core build. For a game so influenced by the community, the day the Sword of the Divine vanished, many were sadden and left bewildered on how to play many of their favorite champs. Developers, do not decide for summoners that the Sword of the Divine is useless without dodge in the game. Let us show you how useful it is ourselves. We'll show you the real reason why we rushed the Sword of the Divine, because it was never for the anti-dodge.

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