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RIOC is no longer leaving our playing fields open for the residents of Roosevelt Island. RIOC is now permitting ALL our fields against the interest of our community at the expense of Island children, adults and families. 

RIOC never included Islanders in the planning and conversations about the Octagon field that includes a 10-foot fence encircling the field requiring the removal of 11 big, old, healthy, shade trees. RIOC's plan completely ignores and disregards Roosevelt Island Arbor Foundation’s designation as a “Tree City USA”.

Action Petitioned For:

OPEN PLAY, PERMIT-FREE hours after school and on the weekends at Octagon field and other playing fields. Keep Octagon field FENCE FREE. RIOC NOT CUT the trees. Reduce permitting to Off Island groups, limiting the hours to late evenings when our children don't use the field.