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Please Keep RI Living Library & Think Park Gardens AS IS

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We love A Living Library  ( and greatly enjoy its programs, especially the Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park Gardens behind 504 Main Street.  This is a great place to grow A Living Library, next to the new Library. Our whole family participates and our children learn so much.  And as individuals, we do too. It makes the center of our Roosevelt Island more beautiful and welcoming.

These Living Library Gardens are in a great location in the center of town and easily accessible during the week and on weekends.  We do NOT want RIOC to move this Living Library & Think Park Garden and make a playground here.  

A Living Library also provides a special play area where children also learn.  When the Library moves in next door, it makes great sense to have A Living Library & Think Park next to the NY Public Library.

We look forward to more joint programs for the whole community with the Library and A Living Library, as envisioned by both entities. As parents, we are able to be involved with our children and we do not want these beautiful Living Library Gardens to be moved away.  As neighbors, we appreciate its beauty and location. It makes no sense to move it. The proposed site near the Octagon House is too far away.  Too far for the children and families, the Seniors who also like to come here, for the disabled who can roll in their wheelchairs and pick up fresh herbs, for those of us who walk by often and stop in, and for the many visitors to Roosevelt Island.  

A new playground should be established in Blackwell Park as planned by the community after great planning, NOT HERE.  A Living Library Gardens are a quiet, yet active complement to the Library and should stay here.  

PLEASE Do not move these Gardens !

And, during construction for the Library, RIOC should find a way to keep the RI Living Library Gardens open so we can continue to grow and tend our plants.  The Garden can be cordoned off to be safe and the construction area can be separated safely.  THIS IS POSSIBLE with smart planning! Please do that!

Please listen to us from the community, and do not move A Living Library away, and let it continue to grow and flourish in our community at this location.  Thank you!

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