Hold Rio Tinto to account

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C​.​Moore HARDY
May 30, 2021
Rio Tinto should Pay for this deliberate destruction

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Pete Rietbergen
Apr 6, 2021
I care about mother nature especially my part of the world

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Laura China
Jan 26, 2021
Hold Rio Tinto to account

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Alicia Ortiz
Dec 3, 2020

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Josh Macainsh
Nov 11, 2020

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Kny Marchbank
Nov 9, 2020
Greedy dogs

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Daisy Eccles
Oct 24, 2020
This is wrong!!

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Sarah Smith
Oct 24, 2020
Rio Tinto has not been held to account enough for this travesty. While the government says it's introducing measures to prevent this happening again, let’s cut the BS, Rio will buy its way out of this like it (and every other fossil fuel corporate) buys policy, politicians in the backpocket, and even buys outright propaganda in Australian media trying to deceive Australians that mining is "Good for Australia". (Give me a fucking break, I’ve not seen more insidious outright propaganda since having the living shit scared out of me reading George Orwell novels about dystopian nightmarish societies.)

'Political donations' is a just a sanitised term for bribery and corruption, and the big parties (Coalition AND Labor) gobble it up. As long as someone is funding their election campaigns, they don't care.

I call Bullshit on this dangerous trend in Australian society. I don't want my homeland to be run by the puppeteer likes of unscrupulous business who simply buy their favourable treatment, who get to destroy our wilderness and life-giving air, water and soil, who get to exterminate our native animals and precious indigenous heritage, who get our hard earnt tax money as fucking subsidies for their already extravagantly uber-wealthy industries and prick owners, who make our politicians dance like spineless monkeys and approve every single bastard destructive idea they've got. (Like 'hey, lets mine right under one of Sydney's drinking water supplies, yeah nothing can go wrong with that, neurotoxic heavy metals seeping into water supplies, no worries, approved!'

Money buys all the most stupid, reckless, selfish, short-sighted and unsustainable practices on earth, and it’s happening right here in Australia: at every level from local, to state to federal and in every state.

We wont see Rio's 'donation' to wriggle out of this, It'll get washed through the Minerals Council or a mysterious holding company donor with no physical address or website, 100 tickets to a political party’s fundraiser evening, or some other dastardly diabolical way to conceal that it's a get-out-jail-free-card. But They. Will, Buy, Their. Way. Out. Of. This.

I’m angry enough as an Australian of European heritage. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking this must be for our first nations peoples. But every human being should be outraged at this, this is irreplaceable human history, archeologically significant. We all have a the same common ancestor eventually, this would have been a powerful piece of the story of humankind. They knew full well this heritage was there, and they blew it up anyway. Who does that? What kind of person?

We are awake to both these revenue-hungry unethical businesses and our pathetic, malleable puppet politicians.

Fellow Australians, what we need to do is this:
- Stop thinking that voting away from the big parties is wasted vote. They are corrupted beyond redemption, lead by the nose by fossil fuel, chemical & big pharma, banking & finance, and real estate development. Politicians from these big parties are not representing the values and needs of ordinary people, they just obey corporate masters. Start researching parties and independents who refuse to accept ‘donations’ from big corporate and their associated execs and so on.

- Equip yourself with real facts (ie: not anything published by Rupert Murdoch who acts as a mouthpiece for propaganda). The Conversation, The Guardian and Michael West are all better sources of untainted media.



Watch this one particularly. This will anger and scare every single Australian, as well it should. Watch it and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!! Lets shine a fucking great light on corruption.

- Speak up. Don’t let our politicians believe they are getting away with their lack of unethical governance. Challenge them on why they approve certain projects, why do they vote a certain way for a piece of legislation, what are they doing to represent what YOU hired them to do and that’s to be YOUR representative in our parliamentary process. Demand a cessation to the political donation permissions in this country, it’s destroying us.

In a real democracy, they work for YOU, not for big business. The onus is not on us as ordinary people to prove they’re not doing that (although they give us plenty of hard evidence of their corruption, thank you!) – the onus is on them to demonstrate to us that they’re not corrupt. Love to see them try. (When’s that Integrity Commission starting? Oh they’re still delaying that, I wonder why! How dumb do they think we are).

- If you haven't yet seen David Attenborough's A Life on This Planet, please do. Fossil fuel's page has turned in the pages of history, we cannot prop it up any longer, it is destroying our one and only home, Mother Earth. We need to transition to sustainable energy. Accept it. Stop fighting the truth. Sick of politicians sabotaging this to keep their political donors happy. This is so wrong. (Australia could be a world leader in solar energy).

Directors of Rio Tinto, I’ve torn shreds of the various layers of government here and appealed to my own fellow citizens, but I address my final words to you, beneath me as you are: This is not just about the criminal act of destruction at Juukan Gorge. It's also for pursuing a path that is accelerating our planet to tipping point, from which the earth will not ever be able to recover. It's for seducing our useless politicians with your ‘donations’. It's for hijacking a whole democracy. For all this, shame on you. I don't know if any of you are parents, maybe the paycheck in the here and now is warm comfort enough to make peace in your head with all kinds of misdeeds. That tells me everything I need to know about the quality of your characters. You need not wait for history to judge you. We the ordinary people who also walk the earth with you in the year 2020, we judge you right now.

The timeline is clear, your company knew about this heritage and you ignored it. And if you say, ‘oh the board didn't know about that, we didn't get that info from our execs or whatever…..' Shut it. First of all we don't believe that, but even if that's true, it merely demonstrates the lazy practices and gaping holes in your board processes because you should have known about it. The failure sits with you, anyway you look at it. Your board is a failure. Live with that.


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Sonia Yasmin
Oct 23, 2020
I believe in climate change

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Tova estréen glans
Oct 21, 2020
im yeet