change white ankle socks back to full length black socks in winter

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As of 2018, students of ringwood secondary college are being made to wear white ankle socks all year round.

In cold winter weather, ankle socks provide minimal warmth for our feet that are already cold and wet.
White socks get stained from the water that easily enters the tbars girls are made to wear, meaning more socks will be required to be purchased, resulting in an unecessary fee that could easily be avoided. Black socks simply solve this issue.

Black socks have been part of our uniform since 2014, and they have never been an issue. The reasoning for this sudden change is unexplained, and overall illogical.

Having some students wearing white socks with their winter uniform and some wearing black socks with their black tights is not neat or consistent. A school uniform is supposed to bring students together and create a neat, clean appearance; this is not achieving that. The public, who have not attended Ringwood Secondary and are unaware of it’s set uniform rules, may just think that children are out of uniform and wearing the incorrect sock colour. 

There has been outcry from RSC students, and many are not in support of this uniform change.
This may seem like a minor issue, but students are genuinely looking out for the appearance of our school.
Thank You.