Please stop using animals in your circus!!

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Riccardo was a regular Asian elephant. That is, until he was taken by the Ringling Bros. to perform in the circus. He had suffered from day long train rides and hours of standing still. Then they had to train him to get on a tub for a circus act with bullhooks and ropes. When he tried to get on the tub he fell and broke both of his hind legs. Riccardo later died a painful death because of the injury.

The Ringling Bros. circus has been using animals for about 100 years. They have abused and killed many animals. How can you handle the concept that Ringling Bros. are depriving  poor animals from their home and family just for your entertainment. How can you accept the fact that because you want entertainment the Ringling Bros. causes animals to get sick from arthritis , stress and abuse.So i’m begging the Ringling Bros. to stop this madness and stop using animals!

In addition, I would also like to bring to your attention that over the years more than 30 elephants have tried to escape from circuses and 50 have been killed.  For, example Tyke a african elephant performed at a circus in Honolulu Hawaii, after a performance she killed her trainer and ran away for 30 minutes until being shot 86 times and killed. Poor Tyke died a gruesome and painful death. What I also find awful is that Ringling Bros. abuses animals. They may abuse animals with bullhooks to control the elephants bullhooks are almost like  fireplace pokers they use them to, hit, beat, and jab elephants into submission, sometimes until they are bloody. They might also use shockers, chains, and keep them locked up in cages for over 100 hours. Poor innocent animals that had regular lives in the beautiful green grassy Asia. Animals might not be able to talk or walk on two legs but that doesn't mean that we have to treat them like a clown. If you were an elephant would you want to be taken away from everything you love just so you can be used in a show for a different species.

I know you might say it would be major loss for the company but it might actually be a benefit. For example elephant food costs $300 per day, Also with the cost of buying, bathing, and caring for the elephant you would probably spend more than $100,000 per year which is a lot of money that you could use for upgrades and new acts.

So whenever you go to a circus think about Riccardo and all the other animals that have died in the circus. You can help animals from suffering. Make a change today by signing this petition.


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