Align Ringette's Return to Play timeline with other sports

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As both hockey and ringette continue with their registrations we have seen players this year making the move to hockey or other sports that have more advanced Return to Play plans.  Word is spreading fast that Ringette has no future dates and communication as to when competition will resume.  Girls want to play games, compete and be with their friends.  This is the backbone of this sport.  We as parents are questioning whether it is worth the money to practice all year long.

We question why Ringette Manitoba is behind on their plans.  Other sports (baseball, volleyball, hockey) are being allowed to play and develop comprehensive Return to Play protocols that are approved by Sport Manitoba and Manitoba Health.  Due to the uniqueness of our sport the girls already have masks or visors and already have adequate distance in practice and game play.  There is not the contact, face-offs and goalie interference that we see in hockey. The game has very little contact where groups of girls are clumped together for longer than 5 seconds.  This follows Manitoba Health guidelines of limited contact with individuals. 

 At this point in time we wish to see that restrictions of checking removed, the allowance of exhibition games allowed in the 5v5 format with whole teams being allowed to participate.