Stop destructive fluctuating water levels in the lower Bow River.

Stop destructive fluctuating water levels in the lower Bow River.

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Started by Mike Robertson

It is well known that fluctuating water levels are destructive to our ecosystems and kill fish populations at an alarming rate. The Lower Bow River below both the Bearspaw dam, and the Ghost Reservoir, are seeing dire consequences of these fluctuating water levels. This is killing our trout populations and destroying our resource at an alarming rate. A recent University of Calgary study indicated that Bow River trout populations are in serious trouble. Alberta environment and Parks conducted a fish population survey in 2018. The preliminary results of that study indicates that brown trout, rainbow trout, and Rocky Mountain White fish populations all continue to decline. 

I believe this decline to be a direct result of fluctuating water levels. It is becoming increasingly evident that the impact of the Bow River hydro and irrigation Water Management protocols may well contribute significantly to the trout population declines, as well as the entire river ecosystem. 

Is my mission that further investigation will take place within government departments to find ways to protect the Bow River ecosystem, and its fish,for many generations to come!

TransAlta Corporation and the water Regulators can play an important role to balance the Bow River Flows to not only improve flood protection for the City of Calgary, and drought relief for the farming community, but also protect the fishery.

Please take the time to sign this petition to save a world-class fishery from rapid, total destruction. 


Thank you


Mike Robertson

1,153 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!