Demand public Inquiry: OPGT took developmentally delayed lady's money & charter rights!

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Countdown until Kathy’s day in court!
The motion is scheduled for May 21, 2019, at 10 a.m. at 330 University Avenue, Toronto.

The first time a Superior Court Judge will learn of the OPGT’s deception which led to her losing her Civil Rights – unless we can stop them

Kathy Willets is a lovely 57-year-old lady who lives in a group home in the Beach neighbourhood in Toronto. Born with Williams syndrome, Kathy lives an exciting life that revolves around her group home, her treatment centre called Aptus, and her family home, which she visits every weekend and all holidays. 

When Kathy’s father died in 2017, as required by law, the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT) was notified as it’s their role to ensure Kathy’s interests are not being overlooked or taken advantage of. 

In the last year, the OPGT has:

1. Never met Kathy. Never visited her homes or school. They never called, explained or updated Kathy. She nor her group home were ever sent papers to let Kathy know the OPGT took it upon themselves to know what’s best for her.

2. Never met and interviewed her brother or direct support workers and councillors

3. Summerized Kathy as: “Kathy has Down’s syndrome”

4. Created the lawsuit that has lead to the wholesale destruction of Kathy’s bequest from her father

5. Got her knee-deep in litigation where The OPGT lawyer claims he represents Kathy Willets, and a second lawyer represents Kathy Willets on behalf of her father’s wishes. She’s actually suing her gift while both drawing pay from it.

6. Attacked her caring brother and sole family support, on every level through the court system until he discovered how her rights were overlooked

7. Then doubled-down on every threat they made to him over the previous year – when he stalled their lawsuit to expose their deceit to the court.

8. Kathy was never assessed by the Capacity Assessment Board to determine whether she required OPGT assistance - which see didn't

9. The net result of Kathy’s experience – her father left her $165,000 in trust to her brother for her welfare – that money is now gone - and we at the The Kathy Project believe they should give it back to her and leave her alone.