Support Equal Pay in the United States for all Races

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We are advocating for fair and equal treatment of native-born and foreign-born workers in the United States, especially in minimum wage and low-paying hourly jobs. Our cause includes supporting equal pay between men and women, and also between native-born and foreign-born workers. Gender, race, and ethnicity should not be factors when deciding pay and workers' rights.

We also promote respect for these workers, whether foreign-born or native-born. Many menial laborers perform jobs that we take for granted, look down upon, and frequently disrespect.

One major part of this is citizenship discrimination. The National Immigration Law Center defines citizenship discrimination as "when an employer treats you differently from other workers because of your citizenship or immigration status....." This is exactly what we're talking about! Employers pay and treat immigrant workers less than they do native-born workers because immigrants are ready to work as much as possible if it means they can get paid as much as possible. Employers are unfairly taking advantage of immigrants, and we want to see change.

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