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I am making this petition to spread awareness. No animal should play any part in a circus. Many circuses with animal acts keep their animals in tiny metal cages all  the time. A metal cage should not be the home of a beautiful animal like a lion or a tiger. A circus called Carson and Barnes beats their elephants causing alot of them to fall into a state of depression.The trainers/CARETAKERS of the elephants are the ones who beat them with the approval of the circus. There is also footage of a bear being hit with a wooden stick in order to force him to balance on his two front legs. No one should have the right to hurt an animal and force them to live in cages, and  perform for people to enjoy.  Please look at @peta on twitter to see the terrible things animals go through. AND SPREAD AWARENESS!

Sign this petition for the innocent animals who are being hurt because they have to perform like puppets for ignorant humans. A circus is no place for an animal, it should be stictly humans only.